Electric Vehicle Test Solution

Electric vehicles are driving future of transportation. Comprehensive testing of each component in the vehicle maximizes energy efficiency.

MaxEye Technologies provides an Electric Vehicle HIL test platform that facilitates rapid design, development, validation and production phase of the EV control unit's firmware, thereby accelerating development of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles.

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EV Test Offerings

We offer complete Electrical Vehicle HIL & PHIL test solutions ranging from charging infrastructure/Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) controller to on-vehicle controllers like On Board Charging (OBC), Battery Management System (BMS), DC-DC Converter Controller, Motor Control Unit (MCU) & Inverter in Hardware in Loop test environment to verify the reliability, performance and safety requirements.

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Evaluate Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) & EV On-Board Charging controllers by measuring and verifying the communication, the control logics & load circuit on standard-conformity over the charging duration. Thus causes of charge interruptions can be identified and causalities of events can be detected and visualised. MaxEye HIL Simulator provides Independent and reproducible tests for both EV & EVSE charging interface through real-time emulation of all electrical interfaces.

Battery Management System (BMS) is a safety critical component in electric vehicle. It monitors cell voltage, current, temperature, state of charge (SOC) & state of health (SOH) for protection. BMS perform thermal management, energy management & cell balancing for improved performance of the battery. MaxEye BMSHIL Simulator efficiently evaluates the BMS safety critical functions, balancing, SOC & SOH.

DC-DC converter HIL simulator includes high voltage power supply/Battery, DC electronic load, temperature simulation with thermal chamber and required sensors to sense voltage & current to the test system, communication to/from the system to validate the converter efficiency, over voltage/current protection, Input voltage line regulation, output voltage load regulation, output voltage ripple and safety functions.

At signal level, MaxEye MCU HIL Simulator validates switching control logics with simulation of high-speed power electronics and motor models in FPGA, simulating battery pack in real-time. It simulates open, short and ground hardware faults, feedback mechanisms and loads.

At power level, MaxEye Inverter HIL System emulates the real environment of Inverter with DC emulator and machine emulator. The test system validates functional, performance and safety requirements as well as inverter characterization through variable frequency drives.

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Key Features

  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Electric Motor HIL Solution
  • Design and Development of Control Circuit
  • EV ECU Test

Test Cases

  • Test Cases for Motor
    • 30 minute power test
    • Maximum power test
    • No load test
    • Blocked rotor test
    • Torque speed characteristics
    • Load verses current characteristics
    • Winding Resistance Test
    • Motor Vibration Test
    • Breakdown torque and load performance test
    • Efficiency and Loss Test
    • Hi-Pot Test
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • Impulse Winding Test
    • DC resistance Test

  • Test Cases for Battery
    • Performance Test
      • Static Capacity Test
      • Thermal performance Test
      • High charge Test
      • Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization Test(HPPC Test)
      • Peak Power Test
      • Cycle life Test
      • Calendar life Test

    • Battery Abuse Test
      • Short circuit Test
      • Over charge Test
      • Penetration Test
      • Shock and Vibration Test

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