DVB-S Signal Analysis Toolkit

The MAXEYE Technologies Digital Video Broadcasting Analysis Toolkit extends LabVIEW tools and functions with National Instruments RF Signal Analyzer (NIRFSA) and NI USRP to analyze digital video broadcasting test signals that conform to their respective standard specifications. This toolkit offers standard based test solution for designing, evaluating and manufacturing Digital Video Broadcasting- Satellite (DVB-S) equipment's. It is the original Digital Video Broadcasting forward error correction and demodulation standard for Satellite Television. It is used via satellites serving every continent of the world. DVB-S is used in both Multiple Channel per Carrier (MCPC) and Single Channel per Carrier modes for Broadcast Network feeds as well as for Direct Broadcast Satellite services. While the actual DVB-S standard only specifies physical link characteristics and framing, the overlaid transport stream delivered by DVB-S is mandated as MPEG-2, known as MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS).

The MAXEYE Technologies DVB-S analysis toolkit provides standard based modulation accuracy, power measurements and spectral measurements to help engineers evaluate, design and manufacture DVB-S transmitters, amplifiers, tuners, repeaters, modulators and gap-fillers. It is an ideal tool for analyzing the signal quality of the transmitted signal. The Toolkit provides various measurement traces to enable engineers to analyze, troubleshoot and validate the transmitter signal issues. The toolkit measurements can be used to calibrate the DVB-S transmitter components. EVM vs Symbols enable the time domain analysis of the transmitted signal to identify the issues in it. Other traces that are supported include RMS Magnitude Error vs Symbols and RMS Phase Error vs Symbols.


  • Modulation Accuracy Measurements: MER, Peak MER, RMS EVM, Peak EVM, Peak EVM Symbol Position, Constellation Trace, EVM vs Symbols, MER vs Symbols, RMS Magnitude Error vs Symbols, RMS Phase Error vs Symbols, Frequency Offset, Clock Offset, Magnitude and Phase Error Measurements
  • Time domain Average and Peak Power Measurements.
  • IQ Impairment Measurements: IQ Gain Imbalance, Quadrature Skew, IQ offset.
  • Spectral Measurements: Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Powers, Spectral Emission Mask Trace, Spectral Emission Mask Margin.
  • Spectral Measurements: Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Powers, Spectral Emission Mask Trace, Spectral Emission Mask Margin.

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